Welcome to the Fox Fort

A Touch of LightningLovers & Alchemists & Mages– Oh My!

In my first novel ever, which is the first book of my first series ever, we follow a pair of men across the face of the United States, attempting to draw a massive, seven-years long ritual to a close. Along the way, they face numerous perils: creatures known as altered beasts, capable of switching form between one human form and one animal form– be they Lycans (the first altered beasts), bears, foxes, eagles, ravens… And other such zoothropes…

My name’s Kit–curator of what will be a series of tales set in a world parallel to this one, where men and magic collide, where love finds a home, and where the endings are anybody’s guess…

A Touch of Lightning: A Beyond the Pale Novel, Book 1 is available now at Amazon.com, for both Kindle and Paperback!

Lightning’s sequel is lined up for its finishing touches! Look out for

An Ocean of Light: A Beyond the Pale Novel, Book 2 in October!