An Ocean of Light – Pre-order now!

PThe second novel in the Beyond the Pale series is rearing to go! It’ll go live October 29th, 2019, just in time for some Halloween reading betwixt fistfuls of candy that you’ll undoubtedly be spreading out amongst the neighborhood children, instead of devouring them all yourself… Right? 😉 The candy, that is.  Not… the children. This isn’t […]


The editing process is done! There was one more issue I needed to address thematically/developmentally, but I should have that hammered out PDQ. That being said, the sequel to A Touch of Lightning will be available soon–hopefully just in time for Halloween!

Book One, 2.0

My first book ever went up August 31st. A whole month later, I released an update on that book, due to a number of reasons: I couldn’t afford an editor, and an editor was desperately needed. I had some grammatical errors that started making the book wholly unmanageable. Enough, perhaps, to make my poor readers put my […]

Shiny and New(ish)

Welcome to my little den of slight-to-moderate, delightful iniquity. Here, I’ll drop posts about my books, past and present, the adventure of getting “there” from “here” in the process of putting the books out in the aether, and random things about cats and/or dogs. (Maybe.) There may also be pictures of places, inspirations for characters, […]