A Holiday Short Story – and News!

Howdy howdy,

I realize it’s been a bit since the last transmission! I have no one to blame but myself, but I will say that theatre performances/rehearsals, work, and writing have rather contributed to my online presence delinquency. 😉

To the point, I’ve a short story coming! It takes place about a year after the events of An Ocean of Light, leading into the year that leads into book three.

SPEAKING OF, book three has a title, and the cover art is hot off the electronic easel! Many thanks to my friend, @St.Jinx.Art (IG) for his work in bringing that piece to fruition. It’s rather intimate, and the “Collector’s Edition” is a sight to see (definitely NSFW, and will likely end up a prize in a Facebook Giveaway!).

The title: A Darkness-Pierced Heart

The leads:
Taylor Samuels, 44. An Air Force veteran, like his dear friend, Jake, Taylor was on the receiving end of a devastating grenade blast that left him without his lower legs. Jake was there to save his life, even if he couldn’t save all of him. Tragedy struck yet again, and this time, Jake, Fox, Ben, and Eric come to help put Taylor’s life back together. The Foster-Hughes men descend upon Taylor’s house in Mountain Home, Idaho, soon to be met with a surprise visitor.

Cable Archer, 29. An Emergency Medical Technician, Cable is on the job when he and his partner get the call to stop by the Samuels residence. Cable meets Taylor, and through an unusual gift, he sees the man’s grief, literally–a shifting, whirling shroud of blues, deep violets, and a swath of black that he had never seen on anyone. His concern takes over, and he realizes Taylor might need someone to come to his rescue…

The new novel will be out after the New Year, hopefully before Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, the Foster-Hughes men (and I) wish you all the best of Christmases, Hanukkahs, and Winter Celebrations of every kind–as well as a hope for a Happy New Year for all!


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