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Heavens, it’s been a dog’s age since I visited my own page…

COVID-19 has rampaged across the globe like a kaiju on a raging bender. Wells of inspiration seem to have dried up, and the people cry out for something–anything–to deliver them from reality.

As such, I’ve fallen victim to that empty well. Book 4 stalled at about 2/3rds, and Book 5 is about 1/3rd of the way written.

HOWEVER–Book 4 is on its way to completion, and will hopefully be in the hands of my editor come the end of February!

That being said, if you haven’t checked in with my growing family of mortals touched by the Consciousness, feel free to do so!

Book 1: A Touch of Lightning

Book 2: An Ocean of Light

Book 2.5: Between Sea and Sky

Book 3: A Darkness-Pierced Heart


2 thoughts on “Coming up next…

    1. Hiya, Robyn!

      It’s been a seeming dog’s age since the dog’s age that came and went when I first posted this. I had hopes to get book 4 to my editor, but COVID took so much wind out of my sails that I’d been stuck in writer’s block hell for the better part of this year.

      That being said, I’ve started a re-work on book 4, having taken a cue from a series I had recently read. Because the family is growing, and for all intents and purposes, are starting to come together to live under one roof (in a manner of speaking), I’m opening up the perspectives, as the overarching story’s becoming more complex by the minute. It’s rough to try to contain the “voices” to just two per book, and as you read in “Oceans of Light”, I didn’t necessarily stick to that format!

      I won’t leave the cliffhanger unresolved, and there’s still a great deal story left to tell. If you haven’t picked up the novella, “Between Sea and Sky”, do so! You’ll get a nice little introduction to one of the main characters of book 4…

      Thank you kindly for following along. And thank you kindly for letting me know there are readers who want more!

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