Book One, 2.0

My first book ever went up August 31st. A whole month later, I released an update on that book, due to a number of reasons:

  1. I couldn’t afford an editor, and an editor was desperately needed.
  2. I had some grammatical errors that started making the book wholly unmanageable. Enough, perhaps, to make my poor readers put my book down in despair.
  3. Some sentences. (Went to nowhere. Like a staircase in the Winchester House.)

There was a joke that I’d come across back in my early writing days, shortly after I graduated from high school. It was a series of variations on the age old question, “Why did the chicken cross the road”, as answered by famous authors.

Robert Frost: “To die on the sidewalk less traveled by.”

Emily Dickinson: “Because it could not stop for death.”

My favorite?

Hemingway: “To die. In the rain.”

The thing is, each of those authors had achieved a level of authorship that their styles could be paraphrased into these adorable nuggets of quipdom. And were they alive, I’m sure they’d appreciate the distillation of their writing in this way.

(Well, probably not.)

In any case, Hemingway, or Frost, or Dickinson I am not. And even if I were, I’d still have to write something that my audiences could both understand and enjoy before I might achieve a recognizable style.

But I’ve only written one book, sooooooo…

If you’ve purchased the Kindle book before yesterday, the changes should be available through an update pushed through by the sync function of the Kindle app. I’d been monitoring the sales, so the only paperbacks purchased have been by myself or my parents (because WHOA they’re in for a surprise if they read it). Any paperbacks printed after yesterday on forward should be inclusive of the edits and changes.

If you’re following along on these early steps of my journey, I thank you deeply. Hopefully I can keep your readership for years to come!


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