Shiny and New(ish)

Welcome to my little den of slight-to-moderate, delightful iniquity. Here, I’ll drop posts about my books, past and present, the adventure of getting “there” from “here” in the process of putting the books out in the aether, and random things about cats and/or dogs. (Maybe.) There may also be pictures of places, inspirations for characters, and occasionally a photo that makes me happy, just because.

Most of all, what you’ll likely see is my rumination of the learning process that is the art of writing and the format that is self-publishing. In my efforts to get a better handle on both, you’ll definitely see a few leavings from my brain dribbled about.

Don’t worry. They’re only virtual leavings, and won’t stain the rug.

In any case, here’s the link to my first novel written (and published, ever). The sequel is already written–just gotta trim and sculpt it!


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